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ARES was established near Piacenza to offer, together with Tecnocarp srl, a real ONE STOP SHOP solution to market demand for medium heavy size steel fabrications.

Giuseppe Ballotta (commercial and technical manager of TECNOCARP s.r.l.) and Osvaldo Pinazzi (former technical/operational manager of M.P.R. s.r.l.) merge their experience and financial resources to create ARES, a dynamic structure looking forward to becoming a true protagonist for the future.

TECNOCARP s.r.l. has been on the market since 1973 and has acquired enough know-how to be considered a leader and reference point in supplying medium-heavy size steel fabrications to several industrial sectors.

ARES srl, with its fleet of CNC machining centres and large CNC boring and milling machines, can supply the full machining completing the service offered to the final customers in a real Turnkey service philosophy.

ARES combines:

  • the technical know how and long experience of Osvaldo Pinazzi (Managing Director of ARES),
  • the skills of a qualifed team of CNC machine operators which were working with him for many years,
  • a fleet of CNC machines able to satisfy the most varied needs in terms of both size and costs
  • the commercial relations established by Tecnocarp srl over thirty five years of activity.

The Fleet of CNC machines is definitively one of the strong points.
In the large facility located in the outskirt of Piacenza ARES can machine steel fabrications and/or parts of various dimensions; from medium to extra large ones.

Thanks to a CNC Boring and Milling machine equipped with Two opposite travelling columns can work components up to 14 x 4,2 x 1,6 meters dimensions.

This large CNC Boring and milling machine is the only machine of this kind in the entire Northern Italy.
The Two travelling columns working opposite side and in combination together allows machining of extra large components guaranteeing maximum accuracy.

ARES approach to market is:

  • constantly improving its level of service and quality of products offered;
  • accepting sugestions and advice from clients and suppliers;
  • intepreting them constructively without criticism;
  • collaborating closely in partnership with customers;
  • studying and developing solutions together;
  • optimizing processes and final costs.


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