Machine fleet

In its large facility in the province of Piacenza, ARES owns several small, medium-size and large CNC machining centres and extra large CNC boring and milling machines. The material handling is performed by Two OverHead Bridge Cranes having a total lifting capacity of 32 t (16+16). In partnership with Tecnocarp, ARES can produce medium-heavy steel fabrications from welding to final machining; managing orders autonomously as a real One Stop Shop for the Client.


UTITA WITH TRAVELLING COLUMN X =7.000 mm Y =2.000 mm Z =1.000 mm SWINGING-SLIDING TABLE continuous movement 2000x1600 mm - load capacity 15 ton BI-ROTARY HEAD man. 360° download


SORALUCE FP10000 X = 10.000 mm Y = 3.200 mm Z = 1.600 mm TOOL MAGAZINE = 60 AUTOMATIC BI-ROTARY SPINDLE HEAD every 2,5° SWINGING-SLIDING TABLE continuous movement 2500x2500 mm - load capacity 20 t


CNC Boring and Milling machine with TWO opposite travelling columns X = 14.000 mm Y = 4.200 mm Z = 1.600 mm Tool Magazine with 60 + 60 slots Automatic bi-rotary spindle head every 2,5 degrees Stolle working table L =16000 mm x P=3000 mm


CNC Boring and Milling machine X =2.800 mm Y =1.700 mm Z =1.150 mm Bi-rotary head mam360 degrees Turning table360 degrees Load Capacity1,5 t 700x700 mm


CNC Travelling column boring and milling machine X =8.000 mm Y =2.500 mm Z =1.000 mm W =500 mm Bi-rotary head mam 360 degrees Turning table 360 degrees Load Capacity 10 t1.500x1.500 mm


CNC Machining centre Double pallet 700 x 700 mm X =2.500 mm Y =700 mm Z =700 mm Tool Magazine30 slots

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