Team Tecnocarp: pioneer in professional training

Team Tecnocarp: pioneer in professional training

3 March 2020

Thanks to the long-time cooperation with the manufacturing associations, Team Tecnocarp is once again a pioneer for professional training. The Team is curently launching 2 new training courses for technical design and mechanical mounting. Tecnocarp has already promoted three courses for welding, milling and turning.

Giuseppe Ballotta, Tecnocarp General Manager and President of Unionmeccanica Piacenza, explains the challanging project of “creating a permanent technical training institution for all operators of the mechanical sector”. Further projects include the creation of a video to promote technical professions among students, which complete the cooperation with local technical schools started last year.

The several projects and technical meetings to which we have contributed and taken part confirm Team Tecnocarp as a leader in technical professional training, which will be the key to enhance a strategic sector in Italy.

From Libertà, 02/17/2020

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